The New Normal: Adapting to Agile Work with a Single-Source IT Service Provider

April 30, 2021

At the beginning of 2020, many companies began to see the importance of agile communications. Several businesses were well prepared for the pandemic with robust, flexible communication systems and comprehensive business continuity strategies. On the other hand, many companies were caught off guard—struggling to adapt to a rapidly evolving and new way of doing business. Their success (or lack thereof) was often dependent upon one critical element: a unified communication strategy. 

Across every industry, we observed the importance of business continuity and a flexible disaster recovery strategy. With a plan in place, your customers may never realize the full extent of your transition efforts. They will continue to operate seamlessly, deftly unaware of any workplace disruption. Without one, your customers will turn to your competitor(s). 

The Agility of Unified Communications

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) enables employees to quickly and seamlessly communicate with customers and team members, regardless of whether they are sitting in the office or on the couch. Calling, messaging, meeting, and any other collaborative communication can happen in just a click or two, without the need for complicated or expensive installation or additional equipment. 

In 2020, this level of flexibility was a boon for companies and employees trying to navigate daily work in the midst of a global pandemic. Not only did it allow continued productivity, but it also helped to soften the transition to a new way of working. This is because using familiar interfaces can reduce stress and create a sense of normalcy. Also, because UCaaS systems are device-agnostic, employees can communicate using the device of their choice, which means they can operate in a way that suits their needs—from any device or location. For businesses, it’s a win-win. Aside from all of the apparent benefits of unified communications, like cost-efficiency, scalability, business continuity, and simplified integration with third-party applications, employers also exhibit enhanced confidence and security with the knowledge that their workforce is proficient and productive in their chosen UCaaS solution.

Additionally, as businesses acclimatize to a new, post-Covid normal within the workplace, many are finding benefit in a single-source IT service provider when it comes to unified communications. With the demands of cost optimization, IT departments have found it beneficial to outsource cloud solutions like UCaaS. 

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Why Single-Source IT Service Providers Aid in Agility

There are several advantages when it comes to using a single-source IT service provider for unified communications. First, implementation is streamlined, and it’s much easier to resolve any troubleshooting issues when working with a single service provider. Additionally, the process of hardware, software, and service acquisition is simplified when standardizing on a platform. Because you have one representative acting as a single point of contact, all communications regarding sales and customer service are funneled through the same person. This relationship is beneficial when you have questions or require additional assistance down the road. It’s as simple as picking up the phone or sending an email. 

When you standardize through a single-source IT service provider like Optus, that doesn’t mean you’re losing options or flexibility. In fact, in many cases, companies have greater agility because we partner with leading technology providers—giving our customers the ability to choose stand-alone or hybrid solutions to fit a wide variety of business needs. Additionally, because these solutions are in the cloud, you’ll have confidence in knowing you are always using the latest version. 

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Powering Your Best Work

Digital evolution is all around us, and the demand for rapid business transformation has never been greater. At Optus, we believe in meeting our customers wherever they are on their paths to change—partnering with them to create lasting value and support at every level. We do this by listening to your unique needs and bringing together best-in-class, cloud-enabled technologies combined with unparalleled expertise to deliver a seamless, reliable IT experience. Whether you require ongoing break/fix support, a complete cloud migration, or something in between, our team is committed to achieving results for your unique business—now and into the future.

Interested in learning how we can help you become more agile? Contact us today to find out how we can support your growth at every level. 

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